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 Any question about the São Paulo Food Tour? 


What is the São Paulo Food Tour?

The SP Food Tour is a gastronomic tour to offer a local gastronomic experience in São Paulo!

The tour totally walking, it lasts about 3 hours, and we visit 4 different places to spend 30 minutes in each discovering delicious itens from their menu, and also having a free-tasting included in each visit.

Nowadays we offer one route called "Centro", trying local and typical food around the Historic Center!


When and what time does the SP Food Tour happen?

The "Centro" route (historic center) happens every Monday, at 3h00pm - please, be at the Meeting Point 15 minutes before. The Meeting Point is at São Bento Square, in front of São Bento College (subway station: São Bento - Blue line).

An advice: if you are thinking about joinning the SP Free Walking Tour "Old Downtown" on Monday morning (the free tour goes from 11h30am to 3h00pm), it´s a great plan to go the SP Food Tour after ir finishes. The Food Tour "Centro" starts just after 15minutes the Free Tour ends, and the Meeting Point is the same place where the Free Tour finishes. And you can get a discount with our staff of the Free Tour if you haven´t booked online yet (and if the group of the Food Tour is not totally full yet).


How long does it last? And where does it finish?


The "Centro" route (on Mondays, at 3h00pm) lasts about 3h30min, visiting 4 different places and spending 30 minutes in each visit. It finishes at 6h30pm near República Square, next to "República" subway station (yellow and red line), and possible to stay in the last place enjoying more!

The last visit is near República Square, and our guide will return to República Square at 6h30pm - so, who wants to leave and take the subway can follow our guide. Or, as a option to avoid the subway system and traffic jam during the rush hour, it´s possible to spend some more minutes in the last place we visit.


Can I join the SP Food Tour if I´m late?

No. It´s not possible to join the SP Food Tour after the tour starts - regardless of Online Reservation in advance.

To be possible to join the SP Food Tour, it´s necessary to be at the Meeting Point before 3h00pm (with or without Online Reservation), so there will be time enough to Sign-Up and pay your ticket and we can start the latest at 3h15pm.

We can not start the SP Food Tour with delay for waiting someone´s late in respect to all others who arrived in time, and to respect the schedule of the visits during the tour, and offering a service with quality!

Please, be at the Meeting Point of "SP Food Tour - Centro" before 3h00pm. The easiest and fastest way to get there is through the subway system: drop off at "São Bento" subway station (blue line), and take the exit to the square ("Largo São Bento"). We will be wearing a yellow t-shit, standing in front of the entrance of São Bento College, near the beginning of Santa Ifigênia bridge. 

An advice: remember to get enough Brazilian cash to pay your ticket at the Meeting Point before the tour starts. Only Brazilian cash is accepted at the Meeting Point to pay your ticket.


Is there any food or drink included on the SP Food Tour?


In every place visited during the SP Food Tour, there is a special tasting included for each participant, that we taste during the first minutes of our visit in each place. The tastings are kept in secret, to be more exciting during the gastronomic experience! We stay about 30 minutes to discover each local place.

Beyond the tasting included, our staff will recommend you great options of the house, with Brazilian references and local inspirations, to order while we stay there, making the gastronomic experience even better and more complete!


Can vegetarians join the SP Food Tour?

Yes! Some of tasting included in the tour have meat on it. But for vegetarians, these itens are replaced to another option without any meat, having a local veggie tasting.

But for that, please, let us know you are vegetarian when you fill up on your Online Reservation, and also at the Meeting Point when you sign up and pay your ticket.


Can I personalize the free-tasting included on the SP Food Tour?

No. It´s not possible to substitute or replace or exclude any of the free-tasting itens. 

Food restrictions should be informed to the guide at the beginning of the tour - the participant being responsible for each eating food and drinking during the tour.


What language does the SP Food Tour happen?

Nowadays the SP Food Tour is done in Portuguese and English.
The guide will always explain first the in the language of the majority, and right after in the other language.             


What should I bring to the SP Food Tour?

The tour is totally on foot, so, it's good to wear confortable shoes. In rainy days, it's reccomended to bring an umbrella (if you don't have, our staff you give you a plastic raing coat for free), and mainly, a lots of fun and good vibes - come hungry! :-)

Beyond the included free-tastings, our staff will suggest the best itens of their menu in each visit. We recommend ordering at least one option in each place, to have a better and complete gastronomic experience. For these extra orders, we suggest to bring between R$30 to R$50 total.


Is the SP Food Tour confirmed if it rains?


The SP Food Tour happens regardless of weather conditions (being possible and safe). 

In case of drizzle/rain, if you don´t have your own umbrella, our staff will give you plastic rain coats for free, and the tour will not be stopped. Most of the time we will be inside and covered places, only a few moments when we walk from one place to another.

In case of thunderstorm, the tour will be stopped for 20 minutes in a covered and safe place to wait for the rain to get weaker and keep the tour. If the rainfall doesn't decrease, the tour will be finished earlier to keep the safety of everybody (not refunded).


Do I need to book in advance to join the SP Food Tour?

No, but it´s recommended.

As we want to offer and great and unique experience, our groups are always small, maximum 15 people. So, to guarantee your place in the tour, it´s better if you book online in advance.

You also get a discount of R$10 if you book online in advance. Click here to book now!

If you show up at the Meeting Point without any Online Reservation, it will be possible to join the tour only if the group is not totally full. The payment of the full price must be paid before the tour starts, in Brazilian cash.


How much does the SP Food Tour cost to join?

The full price of SP Food Tour is R$65,00 - this price you pay at the Meeting Point, without any online reservation (being possible only when the group is not totally full).

If you book online, it will be necessary to pay R$5 in advance, and you get a discount of R$10,00.

So, at the Meeting Point on the day fo your tour, you will pay R$50,00 (only Brazilian cash is accepted at the Meeting Point) - due to this discount you get for booking online and paying R$5 in advance (through an international credit card). This R$5,00 paid in advance is not refundable.


Can I pay my ticket with credit card to join the SP Food Tour?


It´s accepted only Brazilian cash at the Meeting Point to pay any ticket - regardless Online Reservation - because we will be in a public square to start the tour.

If you book online in advance, you will pay R$5,00 online using your credit card - and it gives you R$10,00 off at the Meeting Point. The R$50,00 you will pay at the Meeting Point to join the tour must be in Brazilian Cash.

If you haven´t booked online, and show up at the Meeting Point and want to join the tour, the full price of R$65,00 must be paid only with Brazilian cash.

It will be possible to join the tour after the payment at the Meeting Point, before it starts (regardless the pre-booking online), not possible to pay later.

> An advice: please, get Brazilian cash in advance to be able to make the payment of your ticket at the Meeting Point to join the tour (if you might not be able to make the payment in Brazilian cash, it will not possible to join the tour, and this online payment of R$5 in advance will not be possible to be refounded).


Can I cancel my Online Reservation of the SP Food Tour?


If you cancel your Online Reservation, the R$5,00 paid in advance will not be refunded. If you want, you can transfer your Online Reservation to a friend through the Eventbrite system (all the Online Reservations is made through Eventbrite plataform).

According to the Brazilian Law Of Buyers, your shop can be cancelled until 7 days after you buy or 48h before the event, what comes first (it will be done directly with Eventbrite, the booking company).


What is a "Discount.Card" and a "Promo.Code"?

"Discount.Card" is a card that you can get for R$5,00.

This card comes with the "Promo.Code", a code that if you insert during your Online Reservation, it will not be necessary to pay R$5 in advance while you book online, being free of tax to book online (and Online Reservation gives you a discount of R$10).

This is an alternative who doesn´t want to use a credit card to book online in advance, and still get a discount of R$10 over the full price.

You can get the "Discount.Card" in different places is São Paulo:

- in our Free Walking Tours: at the Meeting Point, before the free tour starts; or at the Ending Point, right after the free tour finishes (only Brazilian cash is accepted to pay R$5 and get the "Discount.Card".

- different Hostels and Hotels (ask the reception of where you´re staying).

> An advice: check it out the availability of the day you want, to make sure there are still places available before you buy your "Discount.Card". 

 Do you still have any doubts about 

 the São Paulo Food Tour? 

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